Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Running Restaurant List...

We are admittedly food-obsessed. While I obviously love to cook and bake, it doesn't change the fact that we are also restaurant-obsessed. I live for the local paper's restaurant and food columns to hear about new places, menu offerings, etc., and it can safely be said that we spend entirely too much of our monthly income on eating out.
Yet when people ask me for restaurant ideas I always falter, blanking out, and/or becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities.
So, in an effort to keep a list of good options for lots of different types of occasions, I'm just going to start a running list here, and update it as we go. It's not organized, and mostly for my benefit...but hopefully you'll see some enticing places on here as well.

In no particular order (for now), some of my favorite places in Raleigh/Apex/Cary/Durham/Chapel Hill:

Fins - Raleigh
Dos Taquitos Centro - Raleigh (or Dos Taquitos original in N. Raleigh)
Vivace - North Raleigh
Sitti - Raleigh
Neo Monde - Raleigh
Raleigh Times - Raleigh
Porters - Raleigh
Fraziers - Raleigh
The Mint - Raleigh
Waraji - North-ish Raleigh
The Pit - Raleigh
Humble Pie - Raleigh
Jibarra - Raleigh
Lilly's Pizza - Raleigh
The Rockford - Raleigh
Bella Monica - Raleigh

Daniels - Apex
Tamarind - Apex
Tyler's - Apex

Maximillian's - Cary
Maximillian's Pizza Kitchen - Cary
Wasabi - Cary
Bonefish Grill - Cary
Udipi - Cary

Watt's Grocery - Durham
Mez - Durham/RTP

The General Store Cafe - Pittsboro

Crook's Corner - Chapel Hill

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